GMHA Extends Deadline for Delinquent Accounts


Guam – Guam Memorial Hospital Authority (GMHA) has extended until 5 p.m. Saturday Nov. 20 a deadline for residents with delinquent accounts to
make payments or set up payment arrangements before the accounts are sent to outside collection agencies for further collection efforts.

About 17,000 accounts for services provided July 2010 and prior, totaling $17.5 million, had been identified as delinquent. They include self-pay
accounts as well as amounts owed by patients for deductibles or co-pays.

Since the collections campaign’s initial announcement Nov. 5, approximately 2,200 people have either paid or made inquiries on their accounts. Customer service and the Hospital’s front lobby cashier will remain open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday for payers.

In addition to in-house collections staff, GMHA contracts two private collection agencies affiliated with national credit bureaus to pursue
further collection efforts. Debts to GMHA may appear on credit reports for up to seven years, and could affect credit card rates, mortgage rates and
other borrowing. Delinquent accounts also are referred to the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation for garnishment of tax refunds, or may be
referred for legal action. Accounts in good standing will not be referred for outside collection efforts.

Patients are reminded of the importance of settling their accounts with the Hospital in a timely manner. Delayed payments mean fewer resources available to provide quality care to future patients. Several payment options exist for those with outstanding balances to GMHA, including:

*       Payment by mail;
*       Credit card payments by phone;
*       Front lobby Cashier, open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday;
*       24-hour drive-up payment drop box outside front entrance;
*       24-hour payment drop box inside the front lobby;
*       24-hour Cashier in the Emergency Department;
*       Payment installment plans or payroll deductions. A deposit is required.

For more information or to arrange payment on your account, please contact the GMHA Business Office at 647-2258/2126/2127/2196. The Telecommunications Device for the Hearing and Speech Impaired number is 649-1801.