GMHVA Donates Close to $100,000 Worth of Medical Equipment to GMH


GMH Management and GMHVA pose for a picture after the presentation of medical equipment on Guam.

Guam – The Guam Memorial Hospital received close to $100,000 worth of medical equipment that will help go towards faster and more efficient diagnosis of lung issues for current and future patients.


 The Guam Memorial Hospital Volunteers Association presented GMH with a brand-new pulmonary function testing system valued at almost $83,000 and a bladder scanner valued at about $14,000. The pulmonary function testing system is a non-invasive test to determine lung capacity. Respiratory Therapist Angela Gaminde tells PNC that GMH used to have a pulmonary function testing system but had to retire it in 2014 because it was so outdated. This new system has the newest technology and allows GMH to be more efficient and timesaving. Gaminde says that the machine is portable and can be brought to patient’s bedsides to perform basic tasks such as measuring lung capacity.



“This unit here measures patient’s lung volumes. Its a good indicator for if a patient is going to have any surgeries, if there lungs can withstand the tests, the procedures so its a lengthy test but like I said thanks to the volunteers association, we can offer a better service,” said Gaminde.


The other item donated, the bladder scanner is for the GMH emergency department and GMH says it’s essential in decreasing catheter associated urinary tract infections.