The Cinnabon Island Saints made it to the dance in ALL 3 divisions, but they’re march is stopped in the “Matua!” 

GUAM – BEST OF THE BEST decided in this one. ANGELS. Saints. SAINTS COME OUT SWINGIN’ IN THIS ONE! The Cinnabon Island Saints tried to establish an early lead and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The Saints QB Devin John Manibusan calls his own number in the second quarter. Sheds a tackle to find DAYLIGHT up the middle, for a 68 yard touchdown run. Saints strike first it’s 7-0 going into the half! SECOND HALF, Let’s GO! Hal’s Football Angels found themselves down 7-0 late in the 3rd quarter. Looking for that perfect moment to strike and DID THEY EVER!?! The Halos, get a big fourth down stop at the fifty. That gives them the ball and momentum. #18 Angels wideout, Makoa Bamba, snags the ball out of mid-air giving his team great field position in the redzone. Calvin Aguon, persistence is key. He scampers five yards to pay dirt. TOUCHDOWN! Ensuing, PAT ties the game at 7 and that’s the end of regulation. To overtime, Angels get what they need from the offensive front. They drive to within Field goal range…the snap is good, HOLD IS GOOD! The kick, good! Angels edge out the victory and they are 2014 GNYFF Matua Division Champs. 10-7 the final.