Good news: $6.2 million in unemployment successfully batched; bad news: very little LWA

(PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Labor says it has both good news and bad news this morning, regarding the latest batch of unemployment payments.

David Dell’Isola, the GDOL Director says Tuesday’s batch did run successfully to some degree and totaled $6.2 million (good news); however, that total is mostly PUA payments.

The bad news? Something went wrong on the programming end with the vendor that created an issue with the Lost Wages Assistance payments. He says they only cleared $267,000 for those claims, which is a far cry from what the department was expecting for LWA in this batch.

Dell’Isola says they were able to get the vendor to work overtime and are currently re-batching a list focused on LWA payments. He is hoping to have that figure by the end of today or early tomorrow morning.

“I had a whole team of people on the vendor side come in to get this issue resolved…and we believe it is resolved, we just need to see the final list when it’s submitted,” said Dell’Isola.

Typically, the vendor takes anywhere between 6-12 hours to run the batch.

He says there will still be time spent on the GDOL side, when the list comes in, to ensure only legitimate claims are being paid out. This could hold up the final dollar figure being released for draw down as well.

However, Dell’Isola says the payout timeline for early next week shouldn’t be affected too much.

Large unemployment payout expected, mostly LWA payments


Yesterday, Dell’Isola had told PNC News that this batch should cover all LWA claims up to October 1, which should actually cover most claims.

GDOL anticipates around 18,000 residents will get at least some portion of the $300-per week, for 6-week payout.