Good Samaritan returns bag with $500 in it to the tourist who lost it

Good Samaritan finds $500 and returns it to tourist who lost it.

Allan Balbin was driving along San Vitores Road in Tumon Sunday morning about 9:30 a.m. when he noticed something odd.

An Adidas bag was hanging from a fire hydrant next to the bus stop across from the Holiday Resort.

Maybe somebody lost it or forgot it, he thought. Or could it be something else?

Balbin, who is a photojournalist, was naturally curious. He stopped to take a look.

Inside the bag he saw the personal belongings of a Japanese tourist including two passports, credit cards, lipstick and more than US$500 dollars in cash.

Balbin took the bag down the road to the Frankie Smith police koban in Tumon where he turned it in.

The woman had already reported the bag stolen. Police contacted her to tell her it was found.

Balbin says the woman rushed into the precinct in tears and gave him a hug and a kiss. “Thanks much,” she said in her broken English.

“That made my day,” said Balbin. “I’m just happy I saw it in time, before it disappeared.”

Balbin is the Chief Photographer of this news organization, the Sorensen Media Group’s Pacific News Center.

PNC Chief Photographer Allan Balbin with Japanese tourist whose bag he recovered.