Good turnout for first day of IT&E mobile internet device distribution in Sinajana

IT&E staffers help distribute mobile internet devices. (PNC file photo)

It was a good turnout for the first distribution of IT&E mobile wireless devices to students in Sinajana.

The Guam Department of Education, in partnership with IT&E and the village mayors, distributed the first set of wireless MiFi devices on Wednesday.

These MiFi devices are intended to help strengthen GDOE’s online model of learning as well as provide support for students with limited access to the internet and technological equipment.

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GDOE interim PIO, Michelle Franquez, who was present at the distribution, says the process went on smoothly.

“We almost had a bottleneck situation but it was in a good way. The great thing about the MiFi distribution set up and situated at the Sinajana Gym is that it gave a nice, easy traffic flow. So people were coming in one way and they were able to park alongside the gym and those were for our drive up, PATH pick-up. We had people from IT&E going up there and collecting authorization letters,” Franquez said.

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She added that the process was very simple. “They would take the authorization letter and match up the code with the PATH and they would have in a packet, the MiFi, and the form that they would need to fill out as an authorization confirmation that they received their MiFi,” Franquez said.

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez encourages parents to avail of the free MiFi devices and the free internet service.

Those interested in the MiFi devices must register with their respective schools.

The due date to submit registrations and model of learning preference for school year 2021-2022 is by the end of the week.

If not submitted by then, students will automatically be put on face-to-face instruction by default.