VIDEO: GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum Suggests Banishing Ninth Circuit Court Judges To Guam


Guam – GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has suggested banishing the 9th Circuit Court Judges to Guam.

Santorum is a conservative republican. The 9th Circuit is known for its liberal interpretations of the law.

Santorum reference was made in jest during remarks at a town hall event in Northfield, New Hampshire Thursday ahead of next Tuesday’s Presidential Primary in that State.

VIDEO: view Santorum’s remarks on YouTube

However Santorum, in a more serious vein, suggested splitting the 9th Circuit itself in half, which is “by far the biggest Circuit” and includes Guam.

He went on to propose that all the Judges on the 9th Circuit now be placed in California, “and  then give all these states that have had to suffer under the reign of terror of California Judges and give them their own court so they can actually reflect the values of the people of the western states.”