GOP chairman confident about winning the majority in 36th Guam Legislature

Tony Ada (Guam Legislature photo)

The chairman of the Republican Party of Guam is confident that his party will have the majority in the incoming 36th Guam Legislature.

Republican Party of Guam Chairman Tony Ada said the Democrat-controlled Legislature will be upended after Tuesday’s election because his party simply has the best candidates.

“I remain confident that Republicans will gain a majority in the next legislature. There is widespread dissatisfaction with the Democrat-controlled legislature. The GOP has a solid slate and each of our candidates has much to offer in terms of ability, experience, and plans for a better Guam. The current legislature, led by a Democrat majority, has come up short of expectations,” Ada said in an interview with PNC.

As for the gubernatorial election two years down the road, Ada says the GOP’s focus is currently on the senatorial, mayoral, and vice mayoral races. “While doing so, we continue to firm up our support throughout the community,” he said.

Ada did say that within the Republican Party, there are some excellent prospects for the office of governor “who are quite capable of providing responsive and responsible leadership for our island consistent with the GOP platform.”

Ada, who is also running for senator this term, was himself a candidate for lieutenant governor during a failed bid in 2018. GOP sources told PNC that he is again eyeing Adelup come 2022 along with comebacking Frank Blas Jr., Joanne Brown, and yes, probably even former governor Eddie Calvo.

According to Ada, this midterm Guam election is not necessarily a referendum on the incumbent head of the executive department as is usually the case in mainland US politics.

“While many of our residents suffer from ‘buyer’s remorse’ over their vote in the last gubernatorial election, we believe that this election is more about the inability of the current Democrat-run legislature to take meaningful action, especially during this pandemic,” Ada said.

With regard to the national election, Ada said he is confident that President Trump will win a second term.

“Early voting results are promising and the expected surge of Trump supporters on election day is sure to put him over the top. The U.S. Senate will remain in Republican control. We are not as confident in winning a majority in the House but we certainly are hopeful,” he said.

Finally, Ada assured that the GOP stands firmly behind Wil Castro’s candidacy. “We support no other candidate for the delegate seat,” Ada said when asked about speculation that some Republicans crossed over during the last election.

(Editor’s Note: The Democratic Party of Guam was given the same set of questions but still has to respond as of news time)