GOP: ‘Democrat majority turns a blind eye while governor imposes a dictatorship’


The Republican Party of Guam has accused Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero of acting like a dictator when she signed Executive Order 2020-38 with the intent of suspending the Administrative Adjudication Law, which is a government mandate on how rules and regulations are established for government policy.

According to the GOP, this law includes transparency and public input provision and that by suspending it, the governor “basically told the people of Guam that she is now imposing a dictatorship, and that she, only she, is the law.”

The Guam GOP also castigated the Democratic majority in the 35th Guam Legislature for turning a blind eye on this and allowing the governor to act as she did.

“Governor Leon Guerrero wishes to fine any island resident who is outside of their home after 7 pm. She wants to impose a citation if you take your kids to the beach, or even if you take them for a drive to get them out of the house. She will give your neighbor a reward if they report your actions, hence dividing our island community. She wants to play the role of Hitler, Stalin, or Napoleon, when it comes to controlling your lives and increasing your dependency on HER government. And she wants to do all this without your input and your participation,” the Republican Party of Guam stated.

The rest of the GOP statement are as follows:

“Her puppets in the Guam Legislature, not only have the ability to hold the governor accountable, but also they have a supermajority to end this dictatorship, but have instead chosen to continue campaigning for their reelection bids, hence turning a blind eye.

“The administration’s management of the COVID-19 Pandemic has proven to be inconsistent, ineffective, and has failed to pass any muster of transparency. The information being provided by her advisors continue to be contradictory, they fail to provide reliable data, and all along the Governor’s campaign supporters are attaining lucrative million-dollar contracts while bypassing procurement laws. The Democrat Majority elected to turn a blind eye during this entire process.

In April of this year, the people of Guam through social media and other means expressed their disappointment and opposition in Bill 335-35, which was introduced by Speaker Tina Muna-Barnes and Senator Amanda Shelton to give the Governor the authority to impose fines and curfews. The measure failed BECAUSE THE PEOPLE SPOKE UP.

The people can speak up once again, and that is through the voting booth. This message is simple, THAT THEY WILL NOT SUPPORT A DICTATORSHIP, OR SENATORS WHO TURN A BLIND EYE!!

(Republican Party of Guam News Release)