GOP to Governor: ‘Find a way to fund unemployment assistance’


The Republican Party of Guam has expressed concern that the recent executive order signed by Governor Lou Leon Guerrero “will have an adverse, damaging and in some instances, a permanent effect with our unemployment numbers, moving forward.”

For the most part, the Republican Party said many of Guam’s business entities, including the smallest of operations, made the additional financial investments to assure that they would comply with the mandates to make sure their employees and customers were safe.

However, there were those who were not in compliance with these measures, and local community spread contributed to the rise of cases and the subsequent implementation of PCOR1.

“Although there are a few modifications to the PCOR1 restrictions in the new executive order, the maximum restrictions still remain — and it is the private sector and all its employees who will economically suffer the most. The Guam Chamber of Commerce’s most recent statement articulates this concern. And we support their concerns,” the GOP said.

The Republican Party said the Governor should have started this new executive order by just prohibiting social and public gatherings for two weeks or even implementing a hybrid of restrictions from both PCOR3 and PCOR2, rather than implementing the maximum restrictions of PCOR1 and impacting further an already vulnerable economy.

“But she didn’t and now private businesses and their employees are left again to weather the storm without assurances of assistance from our government. Our unemployment numbers are rising and businesses are closing. Therefore, we request that Governor Leon Guerrero find a way to fund the increased unemployment assistance approved by President Trump. If the monies are not available, use your authority and talk to FEMA and see what options are available. Doing nothing is not an option,” the Republican Party said.