GOP to governor: ‘Give credit where credit is due’


The Republican Party of Guam, reacting to Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s second state of the island address Monday night, accused the governor of taking credit for initiatives started by the previous administration.

“While in partisan politics it is understood to agree to disagree on a number of issues, what we absolutely don’t agree with is not recognizing where credit is due,” the GOP said in a statement. “For example, while there certainly has been new law enforcement officers who have taken their oaths in the last 60 days, what the governor failed to state is that a great majority of those officers were recruited and selected during the previous administration. Even the new Central Precinct which she broke ground on for the second time in the past year, was a project initiated in 2018. Give credit where credit is due.”

The Republican Party went on to say that while the Governor states that she has stabilized the finances, her administration still can’t determine whether they realized a surplus or a deficit from Fiscal Year 2019’s revenues.

“It changes depending on the day of the week, and she can never provide a transparent answer. If the finances are truly stabilized, then why are island residents questioning when they will attain their tax refunds? If the finances are truly stabilized, then why are vendors still waiting to get paid from the government of Guam? If the finances are truly stabilized, then why does she continue to want the BPT to remain at 5% forever,” the GOP said.

The Republican Party added that it has been more than a year and the governor has “failed” to address the real chronic issues of the community.

“Governor Leon Guerrero refers to band-aid and bullet holes when addressing GMH and Public Health, yet fails to acknowledge the random drive-by gun shootings, murders, and families who have lost loved ones as a result of bullet holes. While saying ‘I will hire 100 new police officers’ makes great campaign speeches, she and her advisors know that unless Guam’s laws change, this process is not as easy as it seems. We challenge her to be transparent,” the GOP said.

“The Governor also spoke about Universal Healthcare, and essentially made it her highlight of the evening. While no one questions the need to improve healthcare on island, if she is electing a process that is being promoted in the campaign playbooks of the progressives nationally, the concern our community needs to start preparing for is, WHO WILL PAY FOR IT? If she forces this expense on the businesses and adds to other burdens that she has already extended on them, the ripple effect is a higher cost of goods, and/or an adverse impact on employment. She needs to provide more specifics unless the announcement was nothing more than a campaign speech.”

The GOP added: “Leadership is not the title you wear but the action you display, and the one action the Governor failed to deliver last night is her ability to work with both sides of the aisle. While it is commendable to recognize Senators of your party for actions they pursued in this past year (or in some cases, based on their surprised faces on television, for actions they didn’t even realize they pursued, but you still said it as you had nothing else to state), who you failed to recognize were senators on the other side of the aisle. Just to advise, you have signed some of their bills into law, and have attached pleasing comments. If you want to be a leader, then lead by working with all, and not just a select few.” (GOP press release)