Gov. Announced the Launch of a Mobile Crisis Response Team


The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration have announced the launch of a Mobile Crisis Response Team.

PNC’s Destiny Cruz has more…

During crises involving mental health, suicide, depression, homelessness, and substance use, the new Mobile Crisis Response Team program, which consists of a team of behavioral health specialists, will assist emergency responders.

Led by the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center, in partnership with the Guam Police Department and the Guam Fire Department, the program executed its first and current phase on June 6, which solely focuses on responding to calls from active GBHWC clients 18 years and older.

The second phase, starting September 6, will open services to non-clients 18 years old and above. During this phase, calls to GFD dispatch relating to mental health with no public safety or medical concerns will be diverted to GBHWC’s Crisis Hotline center for further assistance or MCRT activation if deemed appropriate.

Regarding the new program, Governor Leon Guerrero stated in part, “Changing how we respond to non-violent calls related to mental health is going to take work and time, but it is a valuable investment we are making to save lives and improve health.”

Echoing the Governor’s sentiments, Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio stated, “This new insightful resource helps our law enforcement officers manage high-risk situations in a way that re-envisions their response and enhances public safety overall. Struggling with mental health is not a crime, and we want to ensure we are there for people in the manner they need us most.”

GBHWC plans to expand its full scope of services by the end of this year to include hours to support 24/7 operations for individuals of all ages and additional teams encompassing a child-focused component.