Gov Calvo:”It will be the best Festival of The Pacific Arts in the history of the event.”


Governor Eddie Calvo is defending his administration’s handling of FESTPAC and promises to pull through in time for the festival. 

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo is taking exception to the recent criticism surrounding everything from the handling of funds to the decision to construct cement huts for FESTPAC. It’s a decision his spokeswoman said was made so that the money spent on FESTPAC went towards permanent improvements to the Chamorro village and Hagatna.


“There’s been a little bit of politics some of the folks who have been critical of this well they were the same folks who handed the ball to us two years ago because of their inability to move this thing forward.”

 The Governor tells PNC that despite some bumps in the road he’s confident FESTPAC will flourish. “I want to first of all congratulate all those that are involved with FESTPAC particularly to Rose Ramsey who’s been getting a lot of criticism, but you’ve got to understand two years ago those that were organizing this event really were at zero and needed help and came to us and I accepted that role because I’m the Governor,” said Calvo.

 The Governor says once his administration took over the planning for FESTPAC they had to work quickly to get things done on time for FESTPAC. “And at the same time we understand that we gotta do it the right way so it’s important that we do it the right way. So that’s why we been looking towards advice whether it’s the Public Auditor or the Attorney General,” said Governor Calvo.

 After concerns were raised about funneling FESTPAC procurement through an event coordinator the Public Auditor and Attorney General advised that the Guam Visitors Bureau take over the procurement. Just this week GVB’s board agreed to do so.

 Now the Governor says he wants to cut the politics out of this and work collaboratively to get FESTPAC done and get it done right. “We’re still gonna make sure that it’s a successful twelfth annual Festival of The Pacific Arts and it will be the best Festival of The Pacific Arts in the history of the event and it’s gonna happen here on Guam,” said Governor Calvo. FESTPAC is scheduled to begin on Guam on May 22nd.