Gov Calvo pushes for tax and borrow plan for GMH


Governor Eddie Calvo is pushing for the authorization to tax and borrow money on the bond market in order to fix and fund the Guam Memorial Hospital.

On K57’s one free refill, Governor Calvo said that even though he considers himself a fiscally conservative Republican who is generally opposed to the ideas of over taxation and the redistribution of wealth, as a Guamanian he sees that GMH and the island’s healthcare system must be stabilized. The Governor says that the costs of compact immigrants, MIP, Medicaid and Medicare are adding too much pressure to the public hospital.

The Governor says that while Guam doesn’t have control over the compacts of free association, MIP, Medicaid and Medicare, Guam does have control over its tax policy.

“I’ve come to the realization, me, guy who ran a multi-million-dollar business and was a right…I would consider myself a right-wing conservative when I first came into office, but I’ve looked at it from every angle. This hospital it cannot support itself based on the social contract that we have as a people,” said Governor Calvo adding, “As far as I’m concerned this hospital is primary and just as important as a University and just as important as the Department of Education to the people of Guam.”

The Governor says he believes there is room for two healthy hospitals on island.