Gov. Calvo Reacts to Vote on Bills 201 and 204


Governor Calvo reacted to the bills while speaking at the unveiling of the Great Seal of Guam Park.

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo called the two day session to vote on whether or not to repeal raises for Senators, the Governor, Lt. Governor, appointed cabinet members and mayors, a ‘waste of time.’ Governor Calvo says he’s happy that the situation is over with and everyone can get back to working on building a better Guam. Earlier this morning, the legislature voted to strike down bills 201 and 204.// bill 201, which was introduced by senator Brant McCreadie would have reduced the salaries just for the senators while bill 204, which was introduced by senator Mike San Nicolas looked to reduce the pay for the governor, Lt. Governor, appointed cabinet members and the mayors.


“We wasted a few days focusing on this issue that had already been addressed long ago and it just wasted everybody’s time. We’re over it now I look forward to working with our administration, working with the mayors, working with the senators and doing the work of the people,” said Calvo.