Gov. Declares September as Sustainable Development Month


This week in September is observed by the countries of the United Nations as global goals week, a shared commitment to mobilize communities, demand urgency, and create solutions for action for sustainable development.

PNC’s Destiny Cruz has more on this story

Guam’s efforts to uphold these commitments are perpetuated through the Guam Green Growth, a public-private partnership united in strengthening solutions to combat climate change, increase food security, and protect Guam’s natural resources, to name a few.

Through the collaboration between countless organizations, substantial solution-driven efforts such as the G3 community gardens, the circular economy makerspace and innovation hub, and the G3 conservation corps have taken root, actively moving Guam closer to accomplishing a sustainable future.

With a proclamation signing ceremony on Friday, Governor Leon Guerrero declared September 16-25 as Sustainable September. Dr. Austin Shelton, Director of UOG Center for Island Sustainability and Sea Grant, had this to say:

Dr. Shelton said, “We’re continuing to build up the momentum now– not just in Guam and not just in our region, but islands worldwide in this movement to create a more sustainable future for our planet. We’re really proud of all of the actions that are happening on our island. We’re taking local action to make a global impact.”

For a more thorough background, in 2019, the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration promulgated Executive Order 2019-23, establishing an 80-member Working Group of government, academia, private sector, non-profit, and youth partners to transition Guam toward a sustainable future. The executive order assigned the facilitation of the Working Group to the University of Guam Center for Island Sustainability.

At the proclamation signing, the governor emphasized sustainability’s significant impact on Guam’s environment, socio-economic issues, and the island’s overall future, underscoring that this topic is of priority to the administration.

Governor Lou said, “We only have one environment, and it’s here in Guam– and we need to preserve that and protect that because that’s our precious wealth, I feel.”

In addition to the new community garden underway, according to Dr. Shelton, following conversations with their federal program officer in the national office, they expect upwards of 1 million new dollars in addition to regular-based funding to carry out more SDGs with Guam, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Destiny Cruz, PNC News First.