Gov Orders Former Employees to Pay Back Lump Sum Raise Bonuses


Adelup says current employees have already paid these bonuses back via their “technical fix”

Guam – The Governor’s office has ordered only some of the people who were given lump sum raise payouts or bonuses to pay the money back.



 Specifically the Governor ordered that former employees pay back the money. The Governor’s Spokeswoman Oyoal Ngiririkl explains that the letters were sent to about 40 former employees of Adelup who received the bonus pay. The Governor’s office is only asking former employees to pay back the bonuses because current employees have already payed it back via what the administration refers to as a technical fix. This technical fix involved cutting checks to these employees for the amount of the bonuses and then having the employees remit and sign the checks back over to the government of Guam. It is a fix that has been questioned by the Vice-Speaker and one that he hopes the A.G.’s special prosecutor will investigate.

 While the administration contends the the technical fix was appropriate they were not able to extend this technical fix to people who are no longer employed with the government. Ngiririkl says this is why the Governor is asking those former employees to pay their bonuses back.