Gov. Signed June as Men’s Health Month

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero (file photo)

Last Friday, Governor Leon Guerrero proclaimed that June is officially Men’s Health Month.

PNC’s Devin Eligio has the report on the Governor’s Zoom Proclamation Signing…

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Terry G. Aguon, Department of Public Health and Social Services stated, “On behalf of the dedicated staff of the Department of Public Health and Social Services, I am happy to commemorate June as Men’s Health Month.”

The Office of the Governor held a proclamation signing over Zoom today to declare June as Men’s Health Week.

The Governor’s Office, Public Health, and local health advocates came together to remark on the importance of healthy living.

Jesse Rosario, Boka Boxstated, “You know our island is deeply rooted in culture and it’s always been an issue for men on our island to think that we don’t need to worry about our health.”

It’s this mindset that Boka Box owner Jesse Rosario describes, that keeps men from visiting the doctor regularly to check their health.

Student intern in the Governor’s Summer Internship program and St. Paul Athlete Cavahn Taji shared his advice to stay in shape.

Cavahn Sarji, Office of the Governor Intern – St. Paul Athlete stated, “My advice to the youth is, the best way to stay in shape is through sports and having fun while doing it.”

The Cleveland Clinic surveyed over 500 American men ages 18-70 about their use of healthcare resources.

The study found that:

Only 3 out of 5 men get annual physicals.

Over 40% of men only go to the doctor when they think they have a serious medical condition and

More than half of men said their health wasn’t something they talk about.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero shared her remarks, saying that staying healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally “is key.”

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero stated, “And so for the leaders that are here, it is incumbent in all of us to continue to promote that — to continue to make that very public in our community.”

And thus, June has officially been proclaimed Men’s Health Week.

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