Gov. Signs 5 Bills into Law


Earlier today – Governor Lou Leon Guerrero signed the following bills into law.

Bill 242 – is now Public Law 36-100, and requires wireless telecommunications service providers to remove or release complaining witnesses from a shared or family wireless service contract upon submission of a written request, along with documented evidence of family violence, sexual assault, or stalking in the form of a court order, a police report, or a declaration from certain care providers for the complaining witnesses.

Bill 243 – is now Public Law 36-101 – updates Guam’s laws to reflect, among other things, that individuals who are significantly impaired or intoxicated are mentally incapacitated within the meaning of Guam Law, such that they cannot consent to a sexual act – regardless of the impairment or intoxication was voluntary or involuntary.

Bill 244 is now Public Law 36-102 – which enacts the Survivor’s Bill of Rights – it encapsulates key priorities to sexual assault survivors, including being treated with respect, and dignity…and providing access to services and advocacy including access to timely examinations, testing, protection, and support.

Bill 300 is now Public Law 36-103, which would enhance the transparency in small purchase procurements without hindering their use.

Bill 301 is now Public Law 36-104 – relating to the approval of a lease and authorization to use specific parcels of land for new power plant projects.