Gov. Strongly Recommends Indoor Maskwearing


Governor Lou Leon Guerrero is strongly recommending the community wear masks indoors.

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As the island comes off of the heals of the first in-person liberation day event in over 2 years – the Governor is reminding the community – that the COVID virus is still a threat.

The island saw an uptick in COVID cases prior to liberation day – along with a rise in COVID related fatalities as well.

The Governor – in consultation with health care and hospital leaders – is strongly advising the use of face masks, especially in indoor settings.

And is also advising businesses and government agencies, especially those in customer service – to recommend the use of face masks for both employees and patrons at their place of business.

However, as of broadcast, the Governor has not reissued the mask mandate. She said, “To be clear: this is not a reinstatement of restrictions. This is a precautionary recommendation and a kind reminder that we each can continue to do our part in this phase of the pandemic. Throughout this time, you have answered this responsibility. You rolled up your sleeves to get the protection the vaccine and boosters provide. And even when safety requirements were lifted, I know that many of you have continued to wear your mask in public settings.”

Governor’s Covid 19 Update Video:

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