Governor: Aguigui pay raise will be ‘revisited’

Although just one more person tested positive for COVID 19 Sunday and two more were diagnosed with the disease yesterday, the governor warned that they, in all likelihood, contracted the disease 12 to 18 days ago, and we've yet to see the full-borne symptoms blossom in those who've been infected since.

Although Adjutant General Esther Aguigui’s $41,000 pay raise has been rescinded, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero said Friday that the salary adjustment may be reinstated in the future.

In a talk with reporters, the governor said Aguigui deserves to have a salary increase and she is not against revisiting this in the future.

But as for the exact amount of salary increase, the governor said they would still need to study the various pay scales in the military compensation system.

The governor also reacted to the news that Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio is a signatory to Aguigui’s salary adjustment document. She said she was off-island and she was not a signatory to the pay raise but that Tenorio, as acting governor, has every right to sign such documents.

Adelup late Thursday afternoon issued a statement saying that Aguigui’s $41,000 pay raise was a mistake and not sanctioned by the administration.

According to Adelup, on July 23, 2019, a personnel action to adjust the salary of The Adjutant General was inadvertently processed at the Department of Administration after a proposal was received by the administration to consider an increase in The Adjutant General’s salary as the Director of the Department of Military Affairs.

A draft personnel action form submitted for the administration’s review was inadvertently processed, but once the error was identified, Adelup said a review was conducted and steps are now being identified to ensure this error is not repeated.

“This pay adjustment was not sanctioned by the Administration. This was an error in systems and processes. We have since corrected The Adjutant General’s salary and are making adjustments to ensure that necessary controls are in place,” the Adelup statement said.