Governor: ‘Allowing USS Roosevelt into Guam best decision I ever made’

USS Theodore Roosevelt docked on Guam (US Navy photo)

Allowing the USS Theodore Roosevelt to seek refuge on Guam when it was in the midst of a COVID-19 surge was the best decision she has made, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero said during the Rotary Club of Guam luncheon meeting last Thursday.

Because of this decision, the governor said there’s now a mandate for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the military’s Pacific Command to “give everything Guam wants.”

“I’ll tell you this, the best decision I ever made is allowing the USS Theodore Roosevelt to go to our hotels because they think we’re just the bomb, really! The Secretary of Defense, I don’t know how many letters he wrote me thanking Guam! The Secretary of the Navy, he’s gonna give us excess land because of that! So we’re milking it. We’re,
milking it very hard,” the governor said ecstatically.

Because of the federal government’s gratefulness, the governor said GovGuam has all the medical and personal protection equipment it needs.

She said Guam Memorial Hospital now has 79 ventilators for use with COVID patients as well as the many hospital tents that can be used if GMH runs out of capacity.

“Admiral Davidson told Admiral Menoni here, keep those tents there for whenever Guam might need it. So we really have a very good working relationship with the military. They recognize the importance of working together with us,” the governor said.

GovGuam has so much personal protective equipment that the governor says they plan to buy a warehouse to store all the inventory so that Guam will always have a steady supply of this crucial equipment.

“We are planning for any crisis so that when the next pandemic occurs, we’ll be ready,” the governor said.