Governor and GHURA Board Chair Offer Condolences on Death of GHURA Vice Chair Ric Calvo


Guam – Governor Calvo and GHURA Board Chair Sablan have offered the following condolences on the death of GHURA Vice Chair Ric Calvo.

READ the release from the Governor’s office below:

The Calvo Tenorio Administration offer the following statements on the passing of Mr. Ric Calvo, Vice Chairman of GHURA’s Board of Director.

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo:

“Uncle Ric was a true public servant. The last I visited him, even through his sickness, all he wanted to talk about was GHURA. He had a passion for affordable housing, and truly wanted to do all he could to make the dream of homeownership a reality for our neighbors. I’m sad over the loss of such a remarkable man who perfectly embodies what working in public service is all about. Christine and I, Ray and Notch, and our administration are praying for Ric and his family at this time.”

GHURA Board Chairman Dave Sablan:

“GHURA is deeply saddened by the loss of a great man who loved helping our fellow citizens find a decent home to raise their families and live with dignity. Ricardo Calvo was truly the epitome of what a true public servant is:  He spent almost all his adult life with GHURA in one capacity or another, with the sole reason of helping people.  His example truly motivated me to enjoy my work on the GHURA Board, and I looked to him as my closest confidant and mentor.  I will truly miss, my dear friend and colleague.  Our island has lost a great leader and public servant.”