Governor and her son test positive for COVID-19; Maga’haga still in charge and teleworking

Gov Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and her son, the President of the Bank of Guam, Joaquin Cook, are both in isolation recovering from COVID-19.

The governor says her son Joaquin told them last Tuesday that he’d been exposed and they all went into self-quarantine after that as a precaution.

In an interview with K57’s Patti Arroyo this morning, Leon Guerrero says the whole family got tested on Wednesday and everyone but Joaquin was negative.

But then things took a turn for the Governor.

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“And, it was Saturday afternoon that I started feeling … just not right, spacey and dizzy. So that afternoon, that whole night and the next day were just miserable for me. Monday was better and today I’m much better. Hopefully, I’m over it (the symptoms) but with this virus you cannot predict,” the governor said.

After feeling symptoms over the weekend, the governor and her family got tested yesterday. Only she was positive and the governor began her isolation.

People who work with her — including Lt. Gov. Tenorio, her acting chief of staff, executive secretary and security detail all got tested and they’re all presumed negative.

Leon Guerrero says despite experiencing mild symptoms, she’ll be in isolation for the full 14 days.

“I also really want to especially emphasize that we cannot be complacent with the measures that we have instituted. I have always been really vigilant, I wear my mask, always wash my hand, I social distance as much as we can. Our offices in Adelup are structured that way and we also ZOOM a lot in meetings so that we’re not face-to-face. And yet with even all these measures we have, you know, there’s always that risk,” Leon Guerrero said.

The governor says everyone should use this as a learning experience as people can never be too safe even with family.

“It was even sharing of food that wasn’t like picking up the food and eating it, it was more like ‘cut me a piece and give it to me’ and I think that’s where I got the infection,” Leon Guerrero recalled.

The governor is still in command and teleworking from her home. She says unless she takes a turn for the worse, she intends to keep working as is.

Congressman Michael San Nicolas, the Republican Party of Guam, and the CNMI governor have all issued statements wishing the governor a full and quick recovery.

She says she’s very appreciative of all the love and prayers coming her way, which she says is helping her heal.