Governor and Lt. Governor Give Their Inaugural Adresses


Governor Eddie Calvo and Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio made their Oaths of Office for their second term in an Inauguration Ceremony at the Governors Complex this morning.


Governor Eddie Calvo says, “This legacy is about you the people of Guam.”


It’s four more years for the Calvo Tenorio team. On the Adelup lawn this morning, the pair delivered their respective Inaugural Addresses before island dignitaries, families, friends and supporters. First up, Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio reflected on the accomplishments of the last four years. 
Tenorio says, “Since 2010, we have seen the employment increase, established new schools and renovated others, encouraged health care expansion, developed affordable housing, recruited safety professionals, started a new museum and invested millions in infrastructure.”
In his address, Tenorio says the formula for success to many of the island’s problems is for residents to have self-empowerment through education. Next up is Governor Eddie Calvo’s speech, which also focused on the goal of preparing residents for what they say were opportunities that lie ahead. With education, Calvo says they can reduce poverty, homelessness, crime on our island, among other things. 

Calvo says, “I believe with all of us doing our part, that Guam will be a place where the choices made for the unborn to be born, and poverty will be a shadow of what it once was, marriages will last longer and they will be happier, and husbands will not beat their wives and mothers will not abandon their children, and families will be healthier and stronger.”

He ends it with, “Now let’s take off these suits, get back to work and enjoy building the Guamanian dream together.”