VIDEO: Governor, Speaker, Agree – Babauta Did Good For Guam


Guam – The island’s leaders will miss having Tony Babauta as the assistant secretary of the interior. This is the first time that a Chamorro has ever held that position and the first time that position has ever been given to someone from the Micronesian region.

Governor Eddie Calvo and Speaker Judi Won Pat both reacted to the news of Babauta’s resignation saying that he did a lot of good work for the people of Guam.

Governor Calvo thanked him for all of the work that he has done and wished him the best. Babauta resigned in the midst of a federal investigation into allegations that included inappropriate travel.

“I’ll let the federal authorities move in whatever happens but as far as I’m concerned for the work that he’s done in Guam and in the territories I want to congratulate him for a job well-done,”said Governor Calvo.


Speaker Won Pat says it’s a shame that he is resigning because he was very familiar with the needs of the U.S. insular areas particularly those in Micronesia.

While Babauta was being investigated for travel Speaker Won Pat believes that his travel the insular areas was beneficial. “Because we’re out in the Pacific it’s almost as though we’re out of sight and we’re out of mind now what I saw with Mr. Babauta is that the visits he’s made has been beneficial to the insular areas,” said Won Pat.

The Speaker is drafting a letter to President Barrack Obama asking that he appoint someone from Micronesia to fill Babauta’s position.