Governor Appoints 4 Members 1 Alternate to Civilian-Military Coordination Council


Guam – The Governor has announced the appointment of 4 members and 1 alternate to the Civilian Military Coordination Council [CMCC].

The CMCC was created under the terms of the Record of Decision. Its purpose is to monitor the pace of the Guam buildup in order to ensure that the buildup does not happen faster than the island’s infrastructure can handle.

Read Governor Camacho’s Letter to Pfannenstiel on Appointments to Civilian Military Council

The 4 members and 1 alternate appointed by the Governor are:

* Chief of Staff George Bamba, representing the Governor’s office;

* Tony Lamorena representing the Bureau of Statistics and Plans;

* Maria Connelley representing the Department of Labor;

* John Benavente, representing the Consolidated Commission on Utilities.

*Alternate: Paul M. Shintaku, Executive Director, Guam Buildup Office

The CMCC will be able to make recommendations but will not have any actual authority to control the pace of the buildup.

In a letter to Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalyne Pfannenstiel,   Governor Camacho also suggested the inclusion of  additional representatives from GovGuam from the Department of Parks and Rec;  the Historic Preservation Office; the Department of Agriculture; Guam EPA; DPW, and the Port Authority of Guam.