GDOE’s Educator Pay Study Adjustment has been Approved

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez (file photo)

The Guam Department of Education’s Teacher Pay Study salary adjustment recommendations has been approved. 

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story 


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Effective May 23rd under the recommendations of the Department of Administration, the Guam Department of Education teachers are receiving a 20% increase in their salary. With an additional differential, Principals will receive a 15% increase, and assistant principals will receive a 10% increase with the appropriated 20% overall adjustment. 

In an interview with Superintendent Jon Fernandez, he states, “so this pay increase will really do a lot to improve our recruitment and retention of our teachers and administrators and that’s important to make sure the department is in good hands going forward for the next couple of years. “

In the same interview, Fernandez adds and quotes, “ There are two payment plans that will affect the department. One is the Educator Pay Plan and that includes anyone with a teacher status so that also includes the school counselors, librarians, and other positions like school program consultants and so forth.” 

In reference to the Memorandum issued to the Governor of Guam by the Department of Administration, the Guam Department of Education is the largest single agency within the Government of Guam.

Approximately 2000 personnel at the Guam Department of Education will be covered.

In close partnership, both the Department of Education and the Department of Administration worked together on being able to create a recommendation for the Governor on her decision.

Fernandez states, ” We started out by really gathering all the necessary position descriptions of the department, the information on all the categories of the educator pay plan and as well as updated salary information and that’s basically what we were tasked with doing as part of the pay raise… pay study. “

According to Fernandez, “The Department of Administration received GDOE’s information so that DOA can run their analysis for the compensation of DOE employees. In addition, DOA conducted a market study observing other districts and school systems across the country to figure out where GDOE employees compared to colleagues in other school districts. 

Based on This analysis DOA recommended that a “step-to-step” gradual slotting movement salary be implemented in accordance with the EDU Pay Plan structure to ensure a net increase will be applied to all employees with a maintained salary gap for employees with more experience, time, and service in the department. 

Additionally, the DOA recommends an actual structure adjustment of at least 3-5 percent every three years with comprehensive market analysis studies conducted. 

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, also made a special announcement, addressing the salary increase.

With the new adjustment – educator’s average salary went from $48,951 to $56,783.

Damen Michael PNC News First.