Governor Approves Funding for Erosion Mitigation in Malesso


Guam – The governor’s office and the Department of Public Works announced that they have saved millions in future federal funding opportunities by finally making payment on Gov Guam’s share of a federally funded erosion mitigation project.



Typhoon TingTing caused severe erosion, landslides and flooding, especially in Nimitz hill, Santa Rita and Merizo. The national resources conservation service provided Guam $2.1 million to mitigate the damage. Guam was supposed to pay its matching share of the grant two years ago. Six of the seven projects were completed but one remained uncompleted because of a lack of local funds. Today the governor approved $115 thousand dollars of local funds to pay Guam’s share to finally fix land-slide caused damage in the village of Merizo. This payment also means Gov Guam can continue to receive similar funding in the future.