Senators ask Governor to impose curfew for all, require permits to go out

Vice-Speaker Nelson and Sen. Shelton letter to the Governor

Vice Speaker Telena Nelson and Sen. Amanda Shelton have sent a joint letter to Governor Leon Guerrero  asking her to impose even tougher social distancing restrictions than she announced on Friday.

Their letter cites the briefing lawmakers received from the Governor’s Physician Advisory Group on Thursday and the Governor’s Friday afternoon news conference during which Dr. Felix Cabrera said that there could be as many as 3,000 deaths on Guam caused by COVID-19 “without implementing and enforcing much more strict compliance with the governor’s social distancing and stay at home orders.”

Those briefings, write the senators, “made clear that further intervention is needed to protect our people  … we believe that implementing and enforcing much more strict compliance with social distancing and stay-at-home orders is needed to minimize ‘Guam suffering through the greatest casualties since WWII,'” as Dr. Cabrera warned during Friday’s news conference.

The senators wrote: “With these warning signs in mind, we implore you to consider the following additional social distancing measures,”

• Imposing a fully-enforced curfew for all Guam residents from 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. until April 30, 2020, excluding essential work and businesses related to the distribution of supply food chain, medical supplies and equipment, and gas;

• Assigning permits to Guam residents requesting to leave their residences outside the curfew hours on an alphabetically-staggered schedule on alternating days and for the purpose of purchasing necessities, such as food and medicine, attending medical appointments, and vital family care for children, the elderly and essential employees;

• Classifying social workers as essential employees and mobilizing them to continue caring for vulnerable populations in an effort to decrease patient volumes that place pressure on Guam’s healthcare infrastructure;

• Mobilizing Port Authority of Guam and Guam International Airport Authority police officers to monitor and operate in areas outside their jurisdictions to assist the Guam Police Department with enforcing social distancing interventions; and

• Extending the closure of Guam’s public and private schools for the remainder of School Year 2019-2020 and provide financial resources for GDOE to strengthen its digital infrastructure.