Governor Calls On Island Community To Submit More Comments On FEIS


Guam – Governor Felix Camacho and Lt. Governor Dr. Mike Cruz are coordinating an effort with the island’s Mayors to collect comments on the Final Environmental Impact Statement [FEIS].

In a release, the Governor’s office states that “concerns continue to rise as this document lacks critical information and resolutions to many issues brought forward during the comment period earlier this year”  for the Draft EIS.

The Governor is quoted as saying that “It is critically necessary to address various issues that still have not been properly addressed in the FEIS.”

The National Environmental Protection Act does not allow for a public comment period following the release of the FEIS.

Despite that, the Governor is encouraging “the Department of the Navy and other federal officials to accept the comments submitted by our people and address the inefficiencies within the FEIS in order to help make the Guam Buildup a real success for Americans inside and outside the fence.”

Comment sheets with a suggested format are available at each of our village mayor’s offices for residents to pick up and return by Tuesday, August 24, 2010.

Print out a Comment Sheet

Residents are encouraged to submit comments focusing on specific areas and issues contained in the FEIS.  They may also choose to drop off comments to their village mayor using their preferred format, or may consider sending their comments directly to the Governor’s Office via e-mail at

Where to go to File Your Comments

All comments will be transmitted to the Department of the Navy’s Joint Guam Program Office in Washington, D.C. as part of the Governor’s official response regarding the FEIS.

Information and Comment Sheets are attached. For additional information, please contact Paul Shintaku or Jason Tedtaotao at 475-9473/9378, or e-mail at or