Governor Calvo Appointed to President’s Task Force on Climate Change


Guam- President Barack Obama has appointed Governor Eddie Calvo to serve on a Presidential Task Force that addresses climate change nationwide.

The governor is the only Republican governor to sit on this task force. He will be working with over two dozen state, municipal, and tribal officials in the United States on climate preparedness this coming weekend. The task force essentially advises the Obama Administration about how the Federal Government can respond to communities that deal with this issue.

A release from the Governor’s Office states Guam is in a position to be the voice of Micronesia, especially since the task force provides a direct link to the president and the White House.

Calvo plans to address issues in this region that deal with coral bleaching, coastal erosion and rising sea levels. The release also notes he will work with Guam’s federal partners to provide tools that will mitigate these concerns.


Read the Release Below:

WORKING WITH THE PRESIDENT: Calvo Appointment to Presidential Task Force

“Our planet is changing – from the temperatures of our oceans to shifts in weather patterns, we’re seeing dramatic changes to the earth’s climate. Guam recently saw the toll heavy rains and winds can have on our island. We’ve all lived through the terrors and aftermaths of typhoons. This issue transcends party lines. This issue will affect our children’s children. We need to address climate change now. I thank President Obama for organizing this task force, and I appreciate his trust in the leadership he’s appointed.” – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

President Obama Organizes and Appoints Local Leadership to Task Force

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo will serve on a Presidential Task Force that addresses climate change throughout the nation. President Barack Obama appointed Governor Calvo and over two-dozen other state, municipal, and tribal officials throughout the United States of America to the Task Force on Climate Preparedness over the weekend. The Task Force was created to advise the Obama Administration on how the Federal Government responds to the needs of communities that are dealing with climate change.

Calvo lone Republican governor on task force, appointment a testament to his leadership

Governor Calvo is the only Republican governor to sit on the Task Force. This appointment proves once again that his leadership transcends party lines, and his collaborative approach to governance places our island at the forefront of many federal issues.

The Task Force and its Commitment to Preparedness and Resilience

This organization provides a direct link to President Obama and the White House. Guam, once again, is in a position to be the voice for Micronesia. Our region is facing drastic climate changes, especially coral bleaching, coastal erosion, and rising seas. These are issues that affect the livelihoods of thousands of Pacific Islanders.

The Executive Order signed by President Obama directs Federal agencies to:

· Modernize Federal programs to support climate-resilient investments;

· Manage lands and waters for climate preparedness and resilience;

· Provide information, data, and tools for climate change preparedness and resilience and;

· Plan for climate change related risk.

Governor Will Address Issues to support Guam and Micronesia

The governor’s appointment to the Task Force is a testament to Guam’s status as the gateway to Micronesia, and a testament to Governor Calvo’s leadership. He plans to use his position on the Task Force to address issues with Federal partners to provide tools to mitigate climate issues within the region, and, just as importantly, continue to address the challenges we face on Guam.