Governor Calvo Calls Senator Pangelinan Request for Decolinization Registrars “A Good Idea”


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo says Senator Ben Pangelinans proposal to have decolonization registrars in all Gov Guam agencies is a good idea.

 Last week Senator Pangelinan sent a letter to Governor Calvo asking him to issue and executive order assigning one person in every Gov Guam department and agency to become a certified registrar with the Guam Election Commission to help increase the amount of people registered on the Chamorro decolonization registry. “I think that’s a good idea and so we look forward to seeing what we can do from our offices to ensure that all those that are ready and willing to sign for the registry that we will give them that access i think it’s a good idea,” said Governor Calvo. In his letter to the governor, Senator Pangelinan said he would like to see each director ensure that all of their employees are informed of the registry and that they in turn inform their families.