Governor Calvo could take up CLTC lawsuit with White House if necessary


Governor Calvo did not have time to talk with President Trump about the DOJ’s suit against the CLTC, but he says if necessary he will bring the issue to the White House.

Guam – Although the Governor did not have the chance to talk to President Donald Trump about his administration’s lawsuit against the Chamorro Land Trust Commission, he says he will continue to fight what he calls an assault on the CLTC.

Governor Calvo says that although the suit by the Department of Justice against the CLTC was filed during Trump’s term it was actually initiated in President Barrack Obama’s term. The Governor says that he will be meeting with the Attorney General’s office to find out more about the status and strategy needed to win the lawsuit.

“If that means going to the White House and using the White House as a particular vehicle for changing the status of the federal government in terms of assault, and I call it assault on the Chamorro Land Trust, then we will move in that direction,” said Governor Calvo.

The Governor says he will continue to fight for the CLTC to have the ability to lease out properties to native Chamorros.