VIDEO: Governor Calvo Declares ESGR Week


Governor Eddie Calvo signed a proclamation today recognizing the volunteers of the Guam, CNMI, committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve or ESGR.

The proclamation declares this week as ESGR week and it recognizes it’s volunteers for their hard work in developing and promoting employer support for members of the national guard and reserve.  

The ESGR works to increase awareness of certain laws regarding the deployment of guard members and reservists and it also works to resolve conflicts between employers and service members.  

“I wanna thank ESGR again for really putting out that extra effort in bringing our national guard family together and our whole community the whole community in the Marianas our families together to support our men and women in uniform so thank you so much and god bless you,” said Governor Calvo.

The ESGR is comprised of about 20 volunteers between Guam and the CNMI.