Governor Calvo Shows Gratitude For Achievements During Thanksgiving Address


Governor Calvo mentions the First-Time Homeowners Program and public school renovation plans to commend Guam’s past and future achievements for the year.  

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo expressed his gratitude during his Thanksgiving weekly address yesterday morning, November 23, as he recounted the achievements and future plans that Guam has seen in the past year. 


In addition to sharing his appreciation for the island of Guam, Governor Calvo recognized the diversity of the island and its accomplishments in the past year. Such achievements, Calvo said, include his support for Guam’s athletes like the Matao, and the forty families who are among the first to receive about three million dollars in grants this year to help buy their first homes. 


“We had so much happening this past year. Our tourism industry continues to set new records, our economy continues to grow, and there are more restaurants that represent the diversity of our palate as well as our culture,” said Calvo. 


Governor Calvo concluded his address by acknowledging this week’s plans to renovate Guam’s public schools.