Governor Calvo Extends Persona Non Grata to All FSM Officials Who Agree With New Policy


“I would now like to rephrase that persona non grata that policy will now apply to all Federated States of Micronesia government officials who share that belief and that policy,”- Governor Eddie Calvo

Guam – The FSM Consul General Robert Ruecho has told PNC that it was the FSM National Government that instructed him to stop certifying citizenship for FSM inmates and write the Governor with a list of required documents. In response to this Governor Calvo told PNC today(Fri.) that all FSM government officials who agree with this are now persona non grata.


“I would now like to rephrase that persona non grata that policy will now apply to all federated states of Micronesian government officials who share that belief and that policy,” said Governor Calvo. Governor Calvo is referring to the belief that immigration between Guam and the FSM is a matter that should be handled between the FSM and the U.S. federal government. He’s also talking about the policy that GovGuam must now provide a list of documents to the FSM that includes things like the agreement between GovGuam and an inmate before the FSM will certify whether or not that inmate is an FSM citizen.

The FSM issued these requirements after the Governor’s office sent five FSM inmates back to the FSM. The Governor said he started doing this only after he tried his best to work with the U.S. federal government and the FSM. “As Governor of Guam since day one I don’t know how many subcommittee hearings, committee hearings in Congress, IGAA, IAA, Interior Interagency hearings in Washington DC, Region Nine, the Obama administration…. I don’t know how many times I’ve talked with my brothers and sisters in leadership positions at the FSM and whether it was the FSM President or Governors’ estates or other officials and boy I’ll tell you what I’m seeing. Talk is cheap,” said Calvo. The Governor said that he feels none of the issues he brought up to the U.S. federal government or the FSM national government have been addressed.

“And then they say, hey Guam this is not a concern of Hagatna it is a concern between Pohnpei [FSM Capital] federal government and Washington DC. That’s what I took as an insult,” said Governor Calvo adding, “So if they think that we have no skin in the game and why I have elevated this it is because I see that it has all been talk and I’ve followed the proper protocols and I’ve gone to the proper hearings and the proper meetings and yet time and time again there has been no positive response.”

So now the Governor has decided to take things into his own hands and begin deporting or commuting sentences and banning FAS criminals from re-entry into Guam. Governor Calvo was on the “Four Hours of Phil” show with K57’s Phil Leon Guerrero. Leon Guerrero asked the Governor, “Do you think it’s unreasonable that the FSM government would want to gather information to maybe even protect their people like a fingerprint like medical records? My response to that and I like to say other sayings what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?”

Governor Calvo said all of this controversy will not deter him from sending FSM criminals back home. “Since you’ve already decided that it’s not Guam that should be a part of this dialog and discussion then I’m gonna continue to do things and heck if they have a problem with it go to Washington DC,” said Governor Calvo.

However at the end of the day the Governor says that he has nothing against any immigrants that come to Guam so long as they abide by the rules. “By the way, I welcome all immigrants, I welcome every immigrant to Guam that can help himself or herself help build their families help to build a better community, but I will not accept visitors that come to our island and harm the people of Guam,” said Governor Calvo.

PNC reached out to the FSM President Peter Christian but he was not available for comment. PNC was told that many FSM officials are participating in a Pacific island forum that is being held on Pohnpei.