Governor Calvo, FSM President Mori Pledge Cooperation on Immigration & Others Issues


Guam – Guam Governor Eddie Calvo and FSM President Emanuel Mori pledged collaboration and cooperation during a meeting at Adelup today [Monday].

“We need to work toward more partnerships, both formal and informal,” Governor Calvo told President Mori.  “We both have our strengths.  All we have to do is collaborate and cooperate with one another.  We can make this region better for our brothers and sisters―our Micronesian family.”

“We can help each other,” President Mori agreed.  “We each have unique aspects, but we are part of Micronesia.  We must look at our region and see what we can do for our people.”

President Mori has a special tie to Guam: he and his daughter are graduates of the University of Guam.

“I have a strong and close relationship to this island and its communities,” he told Governor Calvo.

The two chief executives discussed a number of issues during their meeting, including economic opportunities, strengthening cultural ties, post-secondary education, tourism, invasive species, climate change, the military buildup and the compacts of free association.

Compact Migration

During the discussion of compact-impact, Governor Calvo and President Mori focused on the migration of FSM citizens to Guam.  Over the decades, the impact these migrants have on host communities has become a highly sensitive and contentious topic.  Both leaders acknowledged the current situation isn’t ideal for either Guam or the Federated States of Micronesia, and said they would work together to minimize the negative impacts brought about by Micronesians who are simply seeking better lives.

“It is unfortunate the compact was made without the involvement of Guam,” President Mori said.  “My government needs to instill in the minds of those coming to your island, that they need to respect the laws and culture of Guam―they need to fit in.  They also need to become productive members of society.”

Governor Calvo told President Mori the responsibility lies with both the FSM and Guam to make sure the immigration of FSM citizens is a positive relationship, rather than a negative one.

“If immigration is not done right, you start to have segments in society.  That isn’t a good thing,” Governor Calvo said.  “Both of us have to do everything we can to break any negative stereotypes and create a more harmonious community.  Diversity isn’t bad―it means Guam is evolving.”


A photo is attached for your use.  Its cutline follows:

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and President of the Federated States of Micronesia Emanuel Mori discuss regional relations in a meeting held at Governor Calvo’s chambers, at the Bordallo Governor’s complex Monday morning.  The two Micronesian chief executives discussed a number of issues, including climate change, invasive species, post-secondary education, the military buildup, and the compacts of free association.  Both leaders pledged to collaborate and cooperate with one another to create a climate of economic vibrancy for Micronesia.