Governor Calvo Goes to Washington, And He’s Invited 4 Guam Lawmakers to Go With Him


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo has extended an invitation to 4 Guam Senators to accompany him to Washington D.C. next month for a meeting with the Department of Defense on the military buildup.

The 4 Senators are: Speaker Judi Won Pat, GOP Minority Leader Senator Frank Blas Jr., Buildup Committee Chair Senator Judi Guthertz and Senator Rory Respicio.

Read Governor Calvo’s invitation letter to the Senators

In his letter of invitation, the Governor writes that as elected leaders of Guam their presence will “show the Department of Defense the strength we possess in our unity and teamwork.”

“All of us have diverse views,” write the Governor, but “we also have much in common … we will use this opportunity to present the federal government with ideas and plans to make the pending military buildup good for all Guamanians.”

Senator Guthertz has already accepted the invitation and her acceptence letter can be read below.

Read Senator Judi Guthertz’s acceptance letter