Governor Calvo Hasn’t Received Any Confirmation of Obama Visit


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo reacted to the news that the Joint Guam Program Office has offered to re-evaluate it’s selection of Pagat as a firing range complex saying that he’s glad to see that this is happening.


The governor says he’s focused on ensuring that GovGuam is left with a net negative affect with regards to property. This is a concept his administration had the secretary of the Navy promise to keep prior to the signing of the programmatic agreement which paved the way for work to begin on the Pagat firing range complex. The re-evaluation of the firing range means a re-starting the NEPA process and conducting a supplemental environmental impact statement. PNC asked the governor if this could mean more delays for the buildup. “If you take a look at where the range falls in the scope of the work that’s going to occur that was always in the back end so i don’t anticipate any delays in the buildup as it now has evolved i do believe that this buildup in fact we all know in fact we’re positive that it’s not going to be what was originally envisaged in the original EIS,” said Calvo.

The governor says that the buildup will be more drawn out occurring over a ten to fifteen year period which is something he considers as an advantage as it will not overload the environment or Guam’s society.