Governor Calvo Introduces 2 Pro-Life Bills


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo today [Monday] introduced his first 2 pieces of legislation as Governor, both of them are pro-life measures.

The 2 bill are:

1. The Unborn Child Protection Act of 2011, if passed, will outlaw abortion after the twentieth week of the pregnancy, when the child already feels pain.

2. The Women’s Reproductive Health Information Act of 2011, if passed, will require doctors to provide their patients with medically-accurate information about the abortion procedure at least 24 hours before the procedure is scheduled.

The Governor introduced these measures after he and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio signed a proclamation declaring 2011 “The Year of the Unborn Child.”

The proclamation declares:  “This year is dedicated to unborn children; to the memory of those who never knew life outside the womb, and to the great hope that every unborn child from this date will live life to the fullest … The Year of the Unborn Child will reaffirm Guam’s commitment to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. We, as a community embracing a culture of life, hear the cries of children who have a right to be born, just as all of us have the right to live.”

A release quotes Governor Calvo as saying: “All life is precious. Just as we have a moral obligation to abused women and children, our elderly and people living with disabilities, we have a moral obligation to protect the lives of the unborn.”

Catholic Daughters of the Americas Day

The Governor and Lieutenant Governor also joined Guam’s chapter of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas to proclaim today, “Catholic Daughters of the Americas Day,” in honor of the countless contributions of this group of women.

Calvo said: “You inspire women to be strong and to serve God and the community. We look up to you. We thank you for your service and leadership.”

Cervical Cancer Awareness Week

In addition today, Department of Public Health and Social Services leaders, and their partners in the fight against cancer, joined Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio in proclaiming this week, “Cervical Cancer Awareness Week.”

The proclamation is aimed at urging people to be more vigilant about early detection of cancer by raising awareness in the community of this disease.

Governor Calvo is quoted in the release as saying: “If we all do our part to encourage early detection and screening, and to support women with their health needs, then one day we can beat cervical cancer once and for all.”