Governor Calvo questions Senator Nelson’s credibility


Guam – For Governor Eddie Calvo, it’s Senator Telena Nelson’s credibility that is suspicious.

On Newstalk K57’s Mornings with Patti today, the governor voiced his distrust in Senator Nelson’s integrity in keeping the nomination packet of Eric Palacios within her committee. This morning’s call marks the latest update in the political debate surrounding government- appointed Head of Customs Eric Palacios and Senator Telena Nelson, who has deliberately kept the former’s nomination from being voted on by her lawmaking colleagues.

According to a release from Adelup yesterday, Calvo alleged that the senator had back-dated a letter she sent to the AG’s office. The governor claims Nelson sent a letter to the Attorney General dated August 7; however, a FOIA request he sent to the AG revealed it was not stamped “received” until August 10th.

Nelson quickly replied to the allegation, clarifying that the August 7 date was on the electronic transmittal of the letter. In her public statement, she also made clear that she will not be moving forward on Palacios’ nomination for reasons she’s made before. Previously, Senator Nelson stated that she had received concerns from certain Customs employees regarding the Acting Director’s potential abuse of power. She has also voiced her own convictions that he Palacios does not have the relevant experience to hold such a position.

On Mornings with Patti today, Governor Eddie Calvo voiced his still-present misgivings about the timeline of the OAG letter. The elected leader maintains that Eric Palacios’ nomination packet should see its day on the legislative floor.