Governor Calvo Reacts to Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage


 Governor Eddie Calvo reminds lawmakers to consider the “freedom of religion” in light of the US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.

Adelup – Governor Eddie Calvo issued the following statement on the US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.


The Supreme Court decision settles an issue that has been argued for decades across the nation, and more recently on Guam. As we understand, the impact of the ruling makes this the law of the land, and this administration will follow the law.


I know that this is an emotional issue — I have received hundreds of emails and Facebook messages with some very strong and sometimes divisive comments for and against gay marriage.


It is important that we all remember that love is at the heart of both the arguments to allow gay marriage and those that promote the traditional definition of marriage. It is also important that as we acknowledge civil rights, we acknowledge the rights of individuals and religious organizations to their beliefs.


As the Legislature crafts new legislation to reflect the Supreme Court’s decision, I remind them to consider the freedom of religion. New legislation must find the balance that ensures the rights of all Guamanians are protected.


I urge everyone to engage in discussion that helps us move forward, and with respect for one another, find a solution that works for our island. Let us celebrate our diversity in culture, love and opinions. Let us acknowledge that it is those differences that make Guam a stronger community. Let us rely on our strength and unity as Guamanians to create a better future for us all.