VIDEO: Governor Calvo Back From States Where He Pushed for Visa Waiver and Reached Out to Mainland Guamanians


Guam –  Governor Eddie Calvo is back from his trip to the states where he met with the Federal Regional Council in San Francisco and participated in the Western Governor’s Association meeting in Seattle.


During those meetings he said he told federal officials that un-funded mandates place an un-fair burden on GovGuam and he also pushed for support of a China Visa Waiver program for Guam.

The Governor said that many  U.S. officials still don’t understand why such a visa waiver program would help our economy.

“I did make a presentation. I do intend to give them some of the results of the Guam-CNMI visa waiver program, particularly on the Russia visa waiver and how we’ve had so much success in such a limited time.”

 The Governor also said he reached out to Chamorros and former Guam residents in Washington State and California and he asked them to lobby their own Congressmen and Senators for issues like a via waiver,  which are so important to Guam’s economic health.

“We need to better communicate to these former Guam residents, these Guamanians in heart and soul, on what are the issues important to us so they can influence, they can lobby their elected representatives out there in the states. And that was a common theme that I put forward to all the Guam communities out there.”

In addition, the Governor said he is waiting for the release this week of an independent assessment on the Guam buildup. The study is a key requirement which Congress has demanded before freeing up funds for the re-alignment. It is expected to be released on Friday.