Governor Calvo Reviews Remaining Bills Of 30th Guam Legislature


Guam- Four bills left over from the 30th Guam Legislature are being reviewed by the Calvo Tenorio Administration.

You may recall, Senators Tina Muna Barnes and Ben Pangelinan wrote letters in the last few days to Governor Eddie Calvo to sign their measures into law. Calvo can sign or veto the bills from the previous term because lawmakers did not adjourn sine die, but subject to the call of the Speaker.

Among the bills Calvo is considering is Senator Pangelinan’s Bill 492, which would authorize the retirement fund to use $3 million to pay for COLA retirees. Bill 471 is also under review. The measure, authored by Senator Barnes, would rezone an existing agricultural lot for the construction of a multipurpose public facility. An $800 thousand federal grant was already set aside for the project.

Governor’s Office Deputy Press Secretary Phill Leon Guerrero says the Governor is fully aware of the measures and is having his policy adviser and legal team reviewing the legislation before anything is acted on.

“The Governor doesn’t want to unintentionally pocket veto anything, so he is aware of the deadline” said Leon Guerrero. “And like I said, the 4 bills are under review by both the Governor and his policy advisers, the legislative review commission and we will act accordingly.”

Leon Guerrero adds the Governor will act on the bills sometime before the January 22 deadline, otherwise, the measures will be pocket vetoed.