Governor Calvo’s Chief Of Staff Says They Are Working With GWA, Not Against


The water outage affected most southern villages in Guam for a prolonged period of time.

Guam – It has been a busy week for Guam Water Works Authority as they have dealt with a prolonged water outage in many southern villages and multiple water main breaks across the island. Amid the commotion, the governors office stepped in, but chief of staff Mark Calvo says it was to help GWA, not to make them look bad.





Calvo says that the Governors Office was not trying to question GWA’s leadership; rather they were trying to provide additional help to the Waterworks Authority during a time of crisis. He said quote (Gov involvement) was “definitely not an effort to make GWA look bad, it’s an outreach.” Calvo says the Governors involvement was in reaction to southern resident concerns about a lack of communication as to when water was going to be back on. Calvo then traveled with two teams to Merizo and Umatac to hear out residents. He says that any report on what went wrong during the southern water outage would come from GWA, not from the governor’s office. He also added that government spokesperson Oyaol Ngirairikl was in contact with GWA GM Mark Miller during the outage. Calvo says he is going to meet with CCU Chairman Joey Duenas in the coming days and the recent outage will be up for discussion.