Governor Calvo Says Everyone Deserves Their Hay Recommended Raises


The Governor says that the Hay group is a reputable organization that came up with reccomendations for GovGuam salaries that he believes GovGuam employees deserve. 

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo says he believes the Hay group is a reputable group and the Hay plan reccomendations for raises throughout GovGuam are good. The Governor says everyone deserves their Hay reccomended raises.


 “I believe they all deserve their pay I do. I believe the Hay plan was done by a professional group that knew what they were doing. I just wish the chairman would not politicize it,” said Calvo.

 The Governor is referring to Senator Mike San Nicolas who held a public hearing on Tuesday night on bill 204 that would rescind Hay reccomended raises for the Governor Lt. Governor appointed cabinet members senators and mayors. The bill was introduced after Senator Brant McCreadie introduced a bill to rescind pay raises for senators. Senator McCreadie introduced his bill after a Simon Sanchez highschool teacher named Andri Baynum released a survey conducted by his students showing that the majority of the public were against these raises.

 “I think it’s right that everybody got their pay raises you know that. Our administration got us out of 20 years of I would say bad finances. We had two ambulances that were working when I came in. We had six working police cars. We had folks that had to wait 3 to 4 years for their tax refunds. We had people that had to wait 20 years for their merit bonuses and Cola and we paid it all off,” said Calvo.

 The Governor actually rescinded the Hay raises when he first took office because of GovGuam’s poor financial condition. The Governor says now that GovGuam’s finances have improved GovGuam employees should get their Hay raises.

 The Governor also addressed raises that his staffers received that wasn’t a part of the Hay reccomendations. Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz told PNC in an interview earlier this week that those raises were given without legislative spending authority. The Governor believes this was well within his transfer authority.

 “What we’ve done is perfectly legal. Perfectly ethical and moral and we’re doing exactly what they’ve done as well,” said Governor Calvo. In fact the Governor says he transferred money into the legislature to allow them to give raises to some of their staff. “I’m hopeful that he sees if a legislature has a certain power and authority that they’ve granted to a Governor to help them then that power and authority should also be used by the Governor for his staff as well.”

 Overall the Governor feels that his administration, his cabinet members and his staff are all being targeted for political reasons as he points out that they aren’t the only ones who have been given raises and who have six figure salaries. “It pales in comparison to how many people are paid six digits at the Courts at the University of Guam or the Department of Education,” said the Governor adding, “I believe that the members of my cabinet those that were appointed through myself and through the advice and consent of my legislature are getting Guam to where it is in both a government that is stable at providing better services for an island community that is improved in terms of the quality of life. A lot of that credit comes from the hard work and effort of my people.”


 Governor Calvo says he will continue to fight for his people and for the full implementation of the Hay plan. 


  1. Former Gov. Paul M. Calvo and the senators who voted for elected officials pay raises back in 1981 lead to the teacher strike of 1981 and Gov. Paul M. Calvo as well as senators who voted for the raises were voted out of office by the people….

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