Governor Calvo Says Feds Need to Support Compact Migrants


Governor Speaks About Guam’s Welcoming Spirit 

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo spoke about the spirit of Inafamaolek that Guam has recently shared with visiting islands from throughout Micronesia via things like the Micronesia island fair held at Ypao beach over the weekend.


 The Governor says that despite the welcoming spirit of the people of Guam to it’s Micronesian neighbors, the federal government has yet to live up to its obligations to assists compact migrants. Governor Calvo says it’s “extremely unfair” to the new migrants that the federal government is failing to provide assistance. He noted that FAS migrants apparently are not eligible to learn and grow with programs like Americorps or to seek help from FEMA following natural disasters. “I’m very proud of the people of Guam, and all of us who call Guam home. It is our responsibility to look out for each other, to look after our brother, but I also ask the federal government to do it’s part and live up to the promise it made to the citizens of FAS and the states and territories that open their doors with welcome to all,” said Governor Calvo.


 Governor Calvo adds that in the meantime they are working to help FSM migrants following typhoon dolphin and they are also sitting down with the FSM government and local church leaders to find ways to help migrants improve their quality of life.