Governor Calvo Says Vice-Speaker Cruz is On a “Witch-Hunt”


Governor Calvo commented on Cruz’s bill 222 which prohibits the payment of bonuses calling it a part of his ongoing witch-hunt. 

Guam – Another bill on the session agenda is Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz’s Bill 222 which would prohibit the payment of bonuses while mandating proper pay and pay adjustment processing for unclassified employees.  


 Governor Eddie Calvo responded to this bill today saying it’s part of the Vice-Speaker’s on-going witch hunt. Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz introduced Bill 222 to prohibit bonuses in response to the revelation that the Governor’s office had given it’s employees bonuses based on lump sum payments for their salary adjustments. “He’s been on a witch hunt since I first became Governor. I wish I could spare words especially in the new years but anyone who could read Senator Cruz’s actions especially as ways and means chair over five years and the amount of time that he’s spent on more of witch hunts and one witch hunt after another witch hunt,” said Governor Calvo.

 The Governor says he wishes Cruz could instead focus on working together. “I wish he could do that same effort on working as a partner with us not as an enemy because I’ve never wanted to be his adversary I never wanted to be his enemy but Senator Cruz for some reason is focusing more on partisanship and throwing rocks but unfortunately he’s throwing rocks in a glass house,” said Calvo.

 The measure requires that salaries which are not set by law be paid in 26 equal installments from the date when the salary was set. “Maybe we should start focusing on some very important issues whether it’s a hospital whether its building more schools whether it’s improving our parks whether it’s getting more police officers more firemen…but let’s look towards more positive change that can happen on this island and it’s not always about just looking and saying I gotcha here or you did this wrong and rather than hey okay let’s work together on this and unfortunately the majority of my time working with Senator Cruz has been more of an adversarial basis and it hasn’t come from me,” said Governor Calvo.

 PNC reached out to Vice-Speaker Cruz however he declined to comment on the matter.