Governor Calvo Selects 17 for ‘Imagine Guam’ Policy Team


The Seventeen member panel features artists, journalists, local business owners and politicians. 

Guam – The Governor has appointed a team that consists of stakeholders from numerous divisions of Guam’s private sector, to help plan Guam’s next 50 years.


 Governor Calvo has selected 17 members to head the imagine Guam policy team which will advise him as he “manages and harmonizes the visioning and planning processes of imagine Guam,” this according to a press release. Calvo and members of the policy team will work together to develop a 50-year strategic plan for the island. According to the release, Governor Calvo will assume the position of chairman of the policy team. The release states that quote, “the team will meet whenever decisions are needed , either to move from one part of imagine Guam to the next, or to fix discrepancies, overlaps, or missing links in the imagination and planning processes. Some prominent members include Don Muna, Mayor Melissa Savares, UFC fighter Jon Tuck and Power 98’s Kyle Mandapat.


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